Welcome to Kinloch Anderson North America online!

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Welcome to Kinloch Anderson North America online!

Our North American audience can view the classic Kinloch Anderson styles and learn about the age-old tradition of tartan and order from our comprehensive men’s shirt line on this website.

Please take a moment to look around and discover the Kinloch Anderson brand for yourself.

Not sure where to begin? We recommend you explore the following features:

  • Check out our menswear line of tartan shirts on our Shop page
  • Learn about the history of Kinloch Anderson on the Heritage page
  • See how the Kinloch Anderson brand has won over the modern world on our Today page
  • View all our North American retailers on our Where To Buy page
  • Interested in Kinloch Anderson wholesale? Check out our Resale page

From this blog we’ll keep you updated on tartan styles, new products and locations, and everything else there is to know about the world-famous Kinloch Anderson brand.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our site or are interested in the style and opportunities inherent in the Kinloch Anderson brand, please feel free to contact us.