Company Today

Kinloch Anderson has stayed true to its values and legacy for over 150 years. The brand’s original store opened in Edinburgh and today, Kinloch Anderson stays in touch with their roots and is still based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With headquarters firmly planted within the scenery and culture that inspired their first venture into Scottish textiles and tailoring, Kinloch Anderson never fails to present classic, modern styles with a Scottish traditional twist.

The company is recognized worldwide as a high-quality brand with a knack for creating textiles and designing clothing that combines comfort with class. Locations have opened up from Asia to North America, each one offering specialized ranges that all support the Kinloch Anderson brand goal to present modern style with a Scottish emphasis.

The North American range of Kinloch Anderson offers ready-to-wear menswear, currently including a wide range of shirts in sports and dress styles. The Scottish heritage is evident in not just the quality of the design and and fit, but also in the choice of textiles as authentic licensed tartan features heavily.

From the very beginning Kinloch Anderson, both the family and the brand they’ve nurtured, have upheld the highest principles of integrity and service, within and without their industry. This strong commitment to their ideals guides each and every one of national and international relationships and locations. As a representative of the Kinloch Anderson brand in North America, we are intent on pursuing the same goals and ideal with the same unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, tradition, and service.